The Dick Allen Scholarship Fund Award 2017

Last year, for the first time, the Dick Allen Scholarship Fund paid for one delegate to attend the International Garden Centre Congress in Switzerland and the Trustees are delighted to repeat this initiative for the IGC Congress in Canada in 2017.

If you have a bright, energetic and fairly young (preferably between 17 and 40) member of staff who you believe could benefit from this great opportunity we would love to hear from you BEFORE 28TH FEBRUARY 2017.  In this instance a family member of a garden centre company would not be eligible.

The Congress is from 17th – 22nd September and members of the Interactive Tour group are expected to participate fully in discussions about all aspects of the industry and issues within their own country and employer’s business, take part in detailed investigations at the centres visited and then to carry on partying throughout the evenings.  The full Congress registration fee of C$3400.00 will be paid by GCA Trust.  The employer (preferably) or employee would be expected to pay for the flights to and from Canada and any other transport charges involved in getting to the Congress Hotel.  Apart from personal expenses and suitable travel insurance there are no other costs involved as the registration covers all accommodation, transport and meals for the entire congress.  For more information go to  

To submit an application the employer should give details of the applicant and a brief outline on how the candidate would benefit both him/herself and the company.  The candidate should also state why they wish to attend.  Keep it succinct please.  So, don’t delay.  Send your application by email marked “Dick Allen Award 2017” to  BY 28TH FEBRUARY 2017.  The Trustees’ decision is final and the successful applicant will be announced by 17th March.